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Run a Virtual Book Club

“Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled 'This could change your life.'”  - Helen Exley

Book club discussions increase our competency, cultural awareness and sensitivity by providing an open, non-threatening forum for discussion. We can learn a lot from listening to the perspectives and opinions of our peers. Joining a book club will encourage you to read more and to enjoy books that you may not otherwise have chosen. Starting a virtual book club is a great way to discuss a book online with friends or colleagues, at your convenience.

To run a virtual Book Club:

  • Look for books that contain Book-Group Discussion Questions. Decide on title selection guidelines.
  • Select a book and establish a time period for members to read the book, as well as when the book discussion will be “live.”
  • Select a moderator who is responsible for beginning the conversation and keeping it moving forward.
    As you read, use sticky-notes to mark interesting passages, record your thoughts, and flag evidence to support your views during discussion.
  • Email book club members reminders that the book discussion is live.
  • Encourage every member to join the discussion and respond to the questions at their convenience.
  • Literary interpretation has no right or wrong answers. Respect everyone’s interpretations and contributions to discussion.
  • Review member responses to the questions. Evaluate if there are additional questions that need to be asked.

To run a virtual book club in Webspiration™:

1. After selecting the book to be read, open a new outline from the Webspiration™ Starter screen.
2. In the Main Idea, type the title of the book.
3. Use topics and subtopics to organize the questions and answers. Type 5-10 book discussion questions.
4. Invite your book club members to join the conversation by sending them an email containing a built-in link to the document. (Sharing>Invite).
5. Instruct members to answer the questions in the Webspiration outline, so every member’s responses can be viewed and the discussion can develop.
6. When complete, publish the document to the web and use the URL or embedded code in a blog or wiki to share the book club’s discussion with others.

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