How To's for Professionals

How To's for Professionals

Use these helpful How To's to focus your projects and jumpstart your work. These guides show you how to apply visual thinking and outlining to your planning, organizing, learning and writing.

How to Brainstorm with an Idea Map

Most projects and plans start with brainstorming. Idea Maps are the perfect tool to spark and capture ideas that may not be obvious at first. 

How to Concept Map - Understand Complex Information

Using the power of visual thinking and learning, concept maps help us organize, represent and better understand complex concepts and information. 

How to Collaborate on Team Ground Rules

Ground rules are an effective tool to build teamwork by establishing expectations and helping to communicate the agreed upon rules for how the team works together. 

How to Record and Store Meeting Minutes on the Web

Your meetings will be more productive and efficient if you record decisions and action items for review and reference.