The ability to comment allows document collaborators to insert their thoughts and ideas without having to overwrite the original text. Comments can be used in both Diagram and Outline View to record thoughts when working alone, or used to communicate with or pose questions to all of the people shared on a document.

General comments may be added for the entire document or topic-based comments can be added to each symbol in a diagram or topic in an outline. Comments transfer between the two views, retaining their relationship in the transition.

Each comment is recorded with the username and a date and time stamp. Topic-based comments are also identified with a comment reference numbers. Comments are then grouped together by type in the Comment window. In Outline View, the comment reference number will be displayed as a Quick Control   next to its related topic. In Diagram View, the comment reference number will be displayed as a Quick Control when the Collaboration panel is open.

To see and make General comments, click the Comment tab on the Collaboration panel. A General comment box will be visible. Click it and start typing. Click the Create a new comment button to add another General comment. To remove the comment, click the Delete this comment button . You can edit or delete any comment that you have made, and the author of the document can delete any comment left by any document user.

To create Topic-based comments, select the symbol in the diagram or the topic in the outline and click the Add Comment button on the Main toolbar. Additional topic-based comments may be made by selecting the Create a new comment button and deleted with the Delete this comment button.



Clicking on a topic-based comment in the Comments window will highlight the symbol in the diagram or topic in the outline it is associated with, which is especially helpful in large documents with numerous symbols and topics. Clicking on the Comments Quick Control in either Diagram or Outline View will place the first comment for that symbol or topic at the top of the Comments window.