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June 2011 Updates

April 2011 Updates


April 2012 Updates

New and improved Starter Screen!

Your Personal Starter Screen has been completely redesigned to help make using WebspirationPRO easier than ever. Now you can access everything you need from one place. Launch WebspirationPRO to see the improvements right away.

New Archive function for reducing clutter in your Document Manager!

Are your documents piling up and becoming unmanagable? We sympathize. That is why we created an Archive feature that you can use to move documents out of your Documents tab. When you archive something, it’s not gone forever. It’s placed in another section of your Document Manager (the Archived Docs tab) so that it’s not staring you in the face every time you log in to WebspirationPRO. Learn more or just launch WebspirationPRO to try it for yourself.



June 2011 Updates

Flash 10.2 Upgrade
In order to provide you with the most up-to-date service, WebspirationPRO now requires Flash 10.2 or higher. Please check which version of Flash you are running on your computer by visiting this website. If you are not running Flash 10.2 or higher, then please take a few seconds to complete the free upgrade.


Subscription Changes
For your convenience, we have made some changes to our subscription options for WebspirationPRO:

Monthly Subscriptions
For only $6 a month, you can now purchase individual accounts on a monthly subscription basis. This is a convenient option for people who want to use WebspirationPRO for specific projects or are not ready to commit to a full year subscription just yet. Learn more on our Pricing Page.

Two and Three Year Subscription Options Discontinued in the Online Store
To make our Pricing Page less confusing, we have removed all options to purchase two and three year subscriptions from our online store. (Two and three year subscriptions purchased in the past will still be honored.) Now all of our subscriptions are sold for up to one year. If you are interested in longer-term subscriptions, please email sales@inspiration.com.



April 2011 Updates

WebspirationPRO™ Launch
The Webspiration® Public Beta was converted to a new product, WebspirationPRO, on April 4, 2011. WebspirationPRO is a cloud-computing personal productivity tool designed for business professionals and college students – dedicated to promoting success in a knowledge-based society.


Subscriptions and Trials
You now have the opportunity to sign up for subscriptions to the WebspirationPRO service. Currently, WebspirationPRO offers individual five-month, one-year, two-year, and three-year subscriptions, available in our WebspirationPRO online store.

We also encourage you to try before you buy. WebspirationPRO offers free individual 30-day trials that you can sign up for on our trial signup page.


Support Forum
Now available in our Help Center is the WebspirationPRO Support Forum. The forum is a resource for you to ask questions of WebspirationPRO staff and your fellow WebspirationPRO account holders. We encourage you to answer questions and use this resource for an open dialogue. Refer to the WebspirationPRO Support Forum for more information.


Manage Friends
We have grouped all the functions around your Friends List management into a menu entry under the Sharing Menu called Manage Friends. Now you can add people to your Friends List without having to share a document, delete people from your Friends List, and create Groups all in one place. For your convenience, people who you have shared documents with or have shared documents with you are automatically added to your Friends List.

Just click on the Sharing menu from within any open document, select Manage Friends, then select Friends List to edit and manage your friends.


Name Changes
We have changed a few names within the WebspirationPRO application to clarify their use, but the functions are still the same as they were in the Webspiration Public Beta.

  • On the Sharing menu, we now have Manage Friends.
  • On the Sharing menu under Manage Friends, the Collaborative Network is now called Group.
  • On the Sharing menu under Manage Friends, the Quick Network is now called Quick Group.