Visual Thinking

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What Is Visual Thinking?


Visual thinking is a body of methodologies that uses diagrams to represent ideas, concepts, process flows and relationships. Generally, ideas and concepts are represented by images and text, and connected by lines to show association and represent flow.

An idea map is the perfect tool to spark creativity and capture ideas
Often these visual methodologies are used to co-create and share knowledge. Visual thinking methodologies have been proven to increase understanding, improve retention and effectively communicate information.

Using visual thinking to brainstorm and plan, whether done individually or as a group, stimulates thinking and taps creativity. Engaging the brain’s logical and creative sides, visual thinking adds clarity to complex information by quickly revealing connections, adjacencies and knowledge gaps that might be missed in a strictly linear form. In visual brainstorming, ideas are recorded quickly and represented visually, then organized to structure the information and identify areas where further thinking and research is needed. The addition of color and images further stimulates thinking and encourages additional probing.



Inspiration Software has been in the visual thinking and learning field since the mid-1980’s. WebspirationPRO™, its newest addition, is designed for business professionals and college students. WebspirationPRO is a visual thinking and cloud-computing productivity tool.

Visually track and communicate plans and projects with diagrams and outlines

With WebspirationPRO’s Diagram View, you visually brainstorm, organize, comprehend, and communicate ideas and information. WebspirationPRO supports many different types of visual thinking methodologies, such as concept maps, process flows, webs and idea maps, making it easy for you to pick the one that best fits your project or your personal thinking style. WebspirationPRO’s integrated Outline View provides powerful organizing to expand your ideas and information into plans and reports. With WebspirationPRO’s collaboration capabilities, no matter what project or document you are working on, you can co-create and collaborate with team members, study groups and colleagues.

WebspirationPRO facilitates visual thinking to brainstorm and develop ideas, concepts and plans. With it, you and your peers can co-create and share knowledge. WebspirationPRO brings the power of visual thinking and outlining to the web for anytime, anywhere thinking, planning and collaboration.